Poland Passport & Visa Photos

Official Polish Passport & Visa Photos

Please Read Below For Details Prior To Visiting Our Studio:

  • Avoid white clothing because the portrait background for Poland Passport Picture is light gray.
  • It is best to remove your glasses to eliminate any chances of rejection because of reflections.
  • Your expression must be neutral with no frowning or smiling.
  • You should be looking directly at the camera. Pictures even slightly in profile have been known to be rejected.
  • Your face should fill between 70 to 80% of the photo area.
  • Polish Passport photographs must be taken by a professional studio.
  • Passport and Visa photo sizes and quantities of photos required change frequently. Please verify the photo specs with your embassy prior to visiting our studio.

We will create three identical Passport photos for Poland that will be exactly 35mm x 45mm against a light gray background.

More Information about Poland Passports:

  • In 2006, Poland adopted biometric passports along with the rest of Europe. Polish passports now fully adhere to EU standards with regard to new biometric guidelines and enhanced security and fraud prevention features.

  • Biometric chips encode personal and facial mapping information directly onto a page in your Polish passport. For instance, the distance between the eyes is one of the biometric features of your face to be encoded.

  • Biometric passports obviously rely on very good quality passport photos which is why the requirements are now so stringent.

  • Polish Passport Photos
    • 3 identical passport photos are required for a Polish Passport
    • Photos for polish passports must have been taken recently (within 6 months)
    • Polish Passports state that the size must be 35mm x 45mm
    • A light gray back ground is a must for polish passport passports
    • The distance from the chin to to the top of the head must be between 31mm-36mm
    • The distance from the bottom of the photo to the eye line must be between 20-30mm

  • Polish Visa Photo Requirements
    • Polish visa photos are 3.5mm X 4.5 mm
    • The polish visa photo must be sharp and in color
    • Polish Visa photos should be printed on high-quality paper with a bright background
    • The visa photo must be not older than 6 months, and allow easy identification
    • The face straight to the objective, so that both sides of the face are visible
    • The Polish visa photo must present a person from top of head to shoulders
    • The size of head should cover 70-80% of vertical length of the visa photo
    • The head must be uncovered and unveiled in you Polish visa photo
    • The face must not be covered by hair in Polish Visas
    • The eyes must be visible in the visa photo
    • The mouth must be shut in Polish Visa Photos
    • In case of people wearing glasses, we advise you to take them off

German passport photo samples

Polish ID and Driving License Photos Requirements
• A three quarter profile is required for a Polish Driving License
• The size is 35 x45mm
• The background must be white or off white for ID and Driving Licenses
• Polish Driving License photos must show the left hand side of the face
• The ear must be visible in Polish ID photos
• There must be no jewelry such as earrings
• Head size is specified at 70-80% of the photo

polish driver's license photo


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