A A Passport & Visa Photo
210 S Clark St.

at Clark & Adams
The Clark Adams Building
Ground Level - Lobby
Chicago IL, 60603

No Appointment Necessary
Business Hours: Monday – Friday 8:00AM to 4:45PM

Nearest Transit:
Monroe CTA (Blue, Red)
Adams/Wabash CTA (Orange, Brown, Purple Express, Green, Pink)
Wheelchair Accessible: Yes
Parking: Street, Garage

Ph:  312-379-0168  or  312-782-8143

A A Passport & Visa Photos Biometric Digital Photo Chicago

Photos Ready In Few Minutes

Manu ‎ - Mar 6, 2012
Awesome service - pics came out fabulously. Gave me multiple choices of pics; i could not have gone wrong with any.. He also stores the pics, so all i need to do is call to get another set printed out..


hanny ‎ - Feb 15, 2012
Quick, affordable, high-quality passport photos! Mr. Shah stayed past his normal closing to address my need for an emergency passport photo, and even made me look better in the photo than I do in person! ;-) Excellent service with great attitude, he takes the time to ensure the quality of the sitting, and the price is right, too! Even provided a digital copy of the photo for a few extra dollars for my personal use. Also only a block from the Chicago US Passport office, a big bonus.


Love Skiing ‎ - Feb 9, 2012
Wonderful Service. Mr.Shah takes the time to make your visa and passport photos right the first time. His digital camera and software are the best available. Could not be better...


Lewystud ‎ - Feb 4, 2012
Excellent Customer Service. After having a visa photo taken and printed, I was about to leave when the manager asked to look at them again. He said he thought they could be a little bit better, and offered to retake the photo and reprint it for free, just to make sure they were perfect. Great experience.


nb ‎ - Jan 10, 2012
Very friendly service and I got an awesome picture. I went to sears they were closed on Tuesday ;(. Thanks guys for the speedy and friendly service, I was in a rush and you came through.. if there was a fault they thank you way to much :) but i actually appreciated it in a small way, because you just don't get customer service like that anymore. I highly recommend the business for speedy passport photos, They also know dimensions especially for non US passports.


linda ‎ - Dec 15, 2011
Linda- Dec 13, 2011 Great Service! I have used AA Passports for several services. The staff is pleasant, efficient, and fast! If you need it done now and want it done right, try AA Passports. The service prices are reasonable and you will be impressed!


Anna ‎ - Dec 7, 2011
Wonderful & delightful place. I had to get my Canadian passport photos done, along with notary of my college transcripts, and fingerprint background check - Staff was knowledgeable and helpful . Mr. Shah was wonderful & generous and made me feel very comfortable while I was there. Excellent services at the best prices in Chicago. Will highly recommend to my friends. Thank you so much Mr. Shah


Rishu ‎ - Dec 7, 2011
Excellent Service, friendly staff ! I wasn't 100% satisfied with the photo the first time, so Mr. Shah took another set - free of cost. This was after the photo was already printed - it was a Polaroid, not a digital. Evidently, Mr. Shah was way more focused on happy customer than just a few dollars of reprint. I'd definitely recommend going here.


Matt ‎ - Nov 22, 2011
Outstanding service, quality passport photos, quick and cheaper than Walgreens, too! Mr. Shah was very helpful, courteous and professional.


Rich ‎ - Aug 2, 2011
I was in a rush and needed my passport photos in a snap. Not only did Mr. Shah get me out in time, he walked with me to make sure I went to the right building. It's just too bad the passport agency isn't a tenth as efficient as Mr. Shah. A very nice man worth visiting for your passport needs, he will take care of you.


Cassie ‎ - Jul 12, 2011
Very helpful and friendly


David ‎ - Jun 30, 2011
Very fast, friendly, and professional. It was my best experience with service in Chicago.


Eugene ‎ - Mar 22, 2011
Excellent Place! Very fast service. I was in and out in less than 10 minutes. Owner was very nice and my overall experience was great. Cheapest place in the city with amazing service.


Jerry ‎ - Apr 1, 2010
Satisfaction Guaranteed! Come here for a big-town photo and small-town service. Mr Shah makes you feel at home as he takes your photo and brightens your day with his engaging manner. I wouldn't go anywhere else.


carole ‎ - Feb 27, 2010
Excellent service went there for an infant picture, excellent service and fast.


Abigail ‎ - Feb 19, 2010
Great service! All of these 5 star ratings are not exaggerations! This place was great. 1st of all, I got there right when they were closing and Mr. Shah was more than happy to help me and take the time to do things right. I needed fingerprinting done for a background check for the FBI. Mr. Shah helped me fill out the form and did my prints perfectly. The form I needed to fill out was confusing and Mr. Shah knew exactly how to fill it out. Filling it out wrong would have made the entire form useless and I would have had to order new forms from the FBI and wait for them to be sent to me. Mr. Shah really helped me!! I would highly recommend his services!! Don't even waste your time going to another place. I have heard horror stories about other fingerprinting services in Chicago!


jt ‎ - Feb 4, 2010
friendly service Great service . And quick. Mr Shah is very professional and curtious. I highly recommend AA Passport


Jaime ‎ - Jan 12, 2010
Excellent Service Mr Shah was a pleasure to work with while getting my US passport photos done. The entire process was very quick & efficient. I would highly recommend anyone to get their photos done here. My boring lunchtime errand turned into a pleasant experience!


A Google User ‎ - Jan 8, 2010
Super quick & super efficient Mr Shah was extremely friendly and very professional when getting my Canadian pictures taken. I can not recommend the service highly enough. I will be taking my 3 year old son to get his U.K. passport photos done there, and he will enjoy the experience I am sure!


Alex ‎ - Jan 7, 2010
AA Passport and Visa Photo- REALLY Good! Quick and efficient service. The staff is kind and knowledgeable (I also thought Pat was rather attractive). Mr. Shah works to get you what you need really quickly. Upon leaving, he even literally walked out the door into the wet, snowy street [without a coat] to show me to the nearest El stop. Good stuff!!


Jayant ‎ - Dec 9, 2009
Thank you Google could not have searched this place without it, had a very specific size requirement for the photo (3.5 cm by 2.5 cm) and this place was able to accommodate that, veryhelpful and quick service thx


Patrick ‎ - Nov 24, 2009
Quick, friendly and knowledgable I needed very specific photos for a UK work Visa and Shah got me exactly what I need. He knew the specific requirements I needed and within 10 minutes I was on my way. I would recommend A A Passport & Visa to anyone who needs passport or visa photos for any country.


Angela ‎ - Nov 18, 2009
Professional, knowledgeable, and friendly. I had to get Canadian passport photos done and many places weren't able to do it. AA was a blessing! They were extremely knowledgeable on what the Canadian government would accept and made sure every specification was perfect. Mr. Shah was wonderful and made me feel very comfortable while I was there. He honestly would be a perfect fit for a manager at a 5 star hotel. I felt like I was a guest at a luxury hotel with the great hospitality they deliver. It is also in a prime location and easy to get to. Thank you so much Mr. Shah. I will be back in the future and so will my family.


AJAB ‎ - Nov 11, 2009
Fast, friendly, affordable service. My husband and I got our passport photos there, and used their notary service. Mr. Shaw was very nice, and we were in and out of there in less than 15 minutes.


Lipa ‎ - Nov 4, 2009
Excellent Service and Very Cooperating Its a great place to get your passport or Visa photos done here. Mr Shah , is highly cooperating and helpful in dealing with the customers.


A Google User ‎ - Sep 25, 2009
Great For Baby Pictures! While trying to get pictures for a U.K passport for each of my 6 month old twins, I was turned away by numerous places claiming that they couldn't take baby pictures because "babies move!" There was no such problem at AA Passport and Visa Photo, infact the girls were welcomed and made a fuss of (despite one screaming her head off as we entered!) The owner, Shah, not only took care to get good pictures that would satisfy the specifications of the British passport agency, he even insisted on taking a shot of the three of us (myself and the twins) so that we would have a souvenir of when we went for their passport pictures. How nice to find a genuinely professional and warm businessman. I would highly recommend this business to all those looking for pictures and fingerprinting, you will not be disappointed!


sgperp ‎ - Sep 9, 2009
Get Your Passport Photo HERE! Excellent service at the right price. It's great to support a small business with such a terrific attitude and work ethic. I found myself searching their flyer for anything else I could buy! Too bad I don't need any finger prints done -- but maybe I'll have a need to do a background check someday, who knows? Really, get your passport photos taken here.



A Google User ‎ - Aug 31, 2009
Extremely Helpful I'd already had one set of photos rejected by the British Embassy - Mr Shah was very helpful at explaining the requirements and went out of his way to provide me with the best level of service.


Nick ‎ - Aug 27, 2009
Fast Friendly Service I got some photos taken here for Canadian Permanent Resident paperwork. The restrictions on Canadian photos are pretty crazy and everything needs to be just right for them to be accepted. Mr. Shah (the owner) was very knowledgeable and had our photos ready in no time. The wait for the photos to develop was filled with friendly conversation with Mr. Shah about his business he has run since the late 70's. Truly a good find for this service!


Dilip ‎ - Aug 21, 2009
Great service Store is focused on providing very specific type of services and they know their job very well. Staff are knowledgeable and service is excellent


Saket ‎ - Jun 4, 2009
Friendly and very good service Very satisfied. Knowledgeable and very friendly.


Scott J. ‎ - Jun 1, 2009
Outstanding customer service AA Passport & Visa Photo is outstanding and Shah was outstanding as well. Initially I was going to go to that passport place by the Federal bldg., but figured they would charged a lot and Googled and came upon AA. They close at 5p and made it downtown about 4.57p and was greeted by Shah. He could not have been nicer. He sat me down and shot away and within a few minutes had shots I was happy with. He told me if I was unhapy with the photos that we could re-take them, but after he showed me the head position required by the Dept. of State I decided to go with the images. I got the photos on Tuesday evening, applied for expedited service at the post office on S. Clark St. on Wednesday morning and received my US passport 9 days later at my home. Now I am just waiting for my visa. :) Go to AA and give them your business!


Neal ‎ - Jun 1, 2009
Great service, high quality photos I was really impressed by the knowledge of Mr. Shah, particularly with regard to Canadian passport photos, which were what I needed. This store also had great customer service!


Cynthia ‎ - Jan 31, 2009
The Place to Go for Photo Documentation and Fingerprinting Much to my surprise, trying to find a photographer who understood the difference between passport and visa photos was exacting. I contacted individual studios and portrait chains, and businesses with photo departments. Folks seemed genuinely perplexed or frightened or simply not interested in my business. Finally and fortunately I found AA Passport Photo. The job was done professionally and quickly, and I left feeling confident that the job had been done right. The owner really truly cares about his customers and went out of his way to acommodate me. If you want to be sure your documentation is done right and you wanted to be treated as though you matter as a customer, go to AA Passport & Photo on Clark.


Pirmin ‎ - Dec 24, 2008
Excellent Pictures The pictures were much better than from USPS Evanston. Very friendly service. Also very timely service.


SW1 ‎ - Feb 27, 2012
Mr. Shah took care of me right away with no problems! Very courteous and professional!


bdp0013 ‎ - Feb 16, 2012
Quick and friendly service 1 block away from the agency. Their new digital service allows you to pick the best picture.


Yahoo Reviews

Rated 5.0 out of 5.0 By Alex - Jul 6, 2010
When I saw the 100+ 5 star ratings I thought somebody made all of these reviews up. I went anyways and was pleasantly surprised. Getting my fingerprints was fast and the customer service was fantastic.‎

Awesome and Easy‎‎ ‎Rated 5.0 out of 5.0 By Katharine Booton - Jun 18, 2010
I had a complicated matter to take care of involving fingerprints. Mr. Shah was helpful, informative and professional. He made a challenging situation much easier!‎

Rated 5.0 out of 5.0 By Grant Van Der Beken - May 17, 2010
Myself and 3 other people in my office needed to be fingerprinted for state insurance licensing. This establishment had all 4 of us in and out in 20 minutes, including one person who had to be electronically scanned in. Very professional and very fast.‎‎

Mr. Shah is very helpful‎‎ Rated 5.0 out of 5.0 By megankavanaugh - Apr 1, 2010
I was able to get fingerprinting, photos, and notary all at one stop. Mr. Shah was wonderful and helpful. He helped me get exactly what I needed for my medical license for an outside state, and even provided me with an envelope to send my materials. I am definitely recommending him and will use his services again. Thanks!!‎‎

Good Job‎‎ Rated 5.0 out of 5.0 By Andrea - Mar 13, 2010
‎Mr. Shah was wonderful. His services were fast, inexpensive, and he did everything with a smile. He truly loves his job and was willing to anwser any questions I had regarding my fingerprinting and photos I will need taken in the future. I will definitely use him again in the future and recommend anyone who needs it to him. Job well done!‎

One Stop Shop‎‎ Rated 5.0 out of 5.0 By megankavanaugh - Apr 1, 2010
I was able to get fingerprinting, photos, and notary all at one stop. Mr. Shah was wonderful and helpful. He helped me get exactly what I needed for my medical license for an outside state, and even provided me with an envelope to send my materials. I am definitely recommending him and will use his services again. Thanks!!‎‎

Beyond the call of Duty‎‎ Rated 5.0 out of 5.0 By Andrea - Mar 13, 2010
Mr. Shah was wonderful. His services were fast, inexpensive, and he did everything with a smile. He truly loves his job and was willing to anwser any questions I had regarding my fingerprinting and photos I will need taken in the future. I will definitely use him again in the future and recommend anyone who needs it to him. Job well done!‎‎

Excellent, expedicious service‎‎ Rated 5.0 out of 5.0 By Laura - Mar 12, 2010
Mr. Shah was wonderful. I went to get my fingerprints for my medical license for an outside state and he took great care of me. I expected to wait, but was pleasantly surprised to be in and out of there in 10 minutes. And he gave me an envelope to mail it in as well!‎

‎Incomparable service!‎‎ Rated 5.0 out of 5.0 By erika_music - Jan 16, 2010
Mr. Shah provides outstanding customer service! I had my fingerprints taken at the police station and the FBI rejected them as illegible. Then, after reading the online reviews, I came to this location and had a great experience. Mr. Shah was so helpful and informative. He is an expert at this process and makes it so much easier, faster, and less of a hassle than the police station. He provided the fingerprint cards, made two sets for me, and even gave me an envelope to mail them in. This place is a certified fingerprinting location from the FBI and anyone needing prints should ONLY come here rather than waste their time at the police station.‎

Fingerprinting done right‎‎ Rated 5.0 out of 5.0 By The Gabe - Dec 14, 2009
I went to this place to get my fingerprints taken for an FBI background check. The guys were very friendly and patient, especially with a customer like me that's got sweaty hands! Highly recommended. Gabe‎‎

Amazing Service!‎‎ Rated 5.0 out of 5.0 By Madhumita - Dec 9, 2009
We went to this place for getting our photos done to apply for Morrocan Visa. We did not have any clue on the picture specifications needed for the Visa, the owner Mr Shah went out of his way to find that for us. The service was very quick and we were extremely satisfied with the entire experience at this place!I recommend this place to everyone!‎

Best fingerprinting service in Chicago!‎‎ Rated 5.0 out of 5.0 By Steve - Dec 9, 2009
I had to get a background check/fingerprints from the state as well as FBI. Mr. Shah was very helpful and even gave me an envelope and addressed it for me to send to the FBI. He even walked me to the Post Office. The customer service was amazing and I would recommend Mr. Shah to anyone who needs fingerprinting. He was amazing!‎‎

‎Great Service!!! ‎‎ Rated 5.0 out of 5.0 By neubs04 - Dec 8, 2009
I would like to personally thank Shah for his time and service! The service was fast and very friendly! I had fingerprints and passport picture's taken all within 15 minutes and was out the door! All this for the lowest prices in town! I will definitely be back and would recommend this business to anyone! Thanks again for all your help!!! Dan‎

‎Best passport photos chicago‎‎ Rated 5.0 out of 5.0 By Emmanuel - Dec 3, 2009
The best place for taking your passport photos! I went to one of those big pharmacy chains first terrible mistake. I should have gone here first. Shah is very professional. If you do not like your picture he will retake it. Unlike those pharmacy stores whose photos suck and cost the same. Highly recommended you go to US photo, Shah is the best. You will not be disappointed.‎

European Passport Pictures got accepted...‎‎ Rated 5.0 out of 5.0 By Uli - Nov 26, 2009
Thanks Shah! You did a very good work and it was no question at the German consulate whether the pictures would be accepted or not. I can just recommend your store. One can rely on your service.‎‎

Very Nice & Attentive‎‎ Rated 5.0 out of 5.0 By Cindy - Nov 23, 2009
Very Helpful and friendly place!‎‎

‎Great Great Place‎‎ Rated 5.0 out of 5.0 By Jeffrey - Nov 18, 2009
Mr. Shah is the best! If everyone cared about and treated other people and customers like him America would be a better place. You might expect people to be a bit unfriendly and the process complicated but it's the opposite. I needed fingerprints for an FBI report for a visa. Not only do they do the fingerprints but they help fill out the forms, the envelopes, and everything. I would highly recommend this place to anyone who needs these kind of services, they are great!‎

‎Best fingerprinting around‎‎ Rated 5.0 out of 5.0 By Daniel - Nov 11, 2009
Someone had stolen my identity and I needed to check my own record. These guys are the friendliest in town. Definitly a repeat customer if necessessary!!‎

‎A Fingerprinting and US Photo‎‎ Rated 5.0 out of 5.0 By David - Oct 27, 2009
The service was excellent. Mr. Shah is the best. Very knowledgeable and pleasant. Helpful with every step of the process. I was taken care of promptly. They made sure that my fingerprint records were of the highest quality. I cannot say enough good things. I highly recommend Mr. Shah and A Fingerprinting and US photo. I also obtained Notarization and Passport photos. The entire process for background check, fingerprints, photos, Notary took less than 30 minutes! Simply AMAZING!‎

‎Fingerprinting‎‎ Rated 5.0 out of 5.0 By Cowdreyt13 - Oct 27, 2009
I had a great experience here a few weeks ago. I had to get fingerprinted for work and found out that the police station doesn't do it anymore. Thank goodness I found this place. I called Mr. Shah and told him my situation and that I had to be fingerprinted before I started my first day of work on that following Monday. He was kind enough to stay open and wait for me to rush into the city. The service was great! If I ever need to get fingerprinted again, this is the place I'm coming to. The service was excellent!‎

Fingerprinting Chicago Rocks!‎‎ Rated 5.0 out of 5.0 By manesh - Oct 26, 2009
I love this place, Mr shah is amazing he is very knowledgeable with immigration stuff and he really explained the application process very well.I went to verify the information and it was so accurate. I seriously recommend this place to anyone who wants his/her stuff right. Thank you so much Mr shah your amazing!!‎‎

I needed to get my fingerprints done... - shawn R. - May 13, 2008
and this was the only place Rating: 5. Type: Fingerprinting Specialties: 2 Passport Photos $7 95, We Come To You For Additional Charge, Livescan -Background Check, Livescan, Fingerprinting Black Ink Rolled $15 ...?

The only place in chicago to get... - jhoice - Jan 18, 2009
From the minute we walked into this place they started asking questions to find out exactly what we needed. The owner was there, he was friendly and concerned. He had an excellent young lady working with him who meticulously made sure the photo was perfect, correct background and cut exact. We could not have been happier. The consulate except that the photos in my passport is in process. I highly recommend this and the price is better than Fedex Kinko.

fast professional service - Nickname unavailable - Jan 8, 2009
The manager and his assistant were quick and freindly providing me and my wife with passport photos today - and at the end of the business day. Between Clark and Dearborn streets at busy Adams street in downtown Chicago, it is convenient, fast, and painless in time and money. Try it, you will like it.

Fingerprints - _ - Jan 16, 2009
I recommend this business for fingerprints. I had a set of ink fingerprints done and it was completed quickly with no wait. The overall experience was good, the service was respectful and the price was excellent.

Highly recommended - thedoglvr - Oct 31, 2008
I'ma traveling OT and many times states require fingerprinting for state licensure. Many times, this is an expensive venture. Shah (at Chicago Fingerprinting) took great care of me and did 2 fingerprinting cards for under $20! I am used to paying $25/card at police stations. Also, Shah knows how to take the prints without the ink seeping deep into your skin - it actually washes off with soap and water so you don't have to scour your skin forever to get the ink off. I know he does passport photos too, and I plan to use this service to get my photos done. I highly recommend this business. It is run by prompt, courteous, and competent staff.

Helpful and Speedy Service! - Marie - Jan 22, 2008
I'ma traveling nurse and I frequently need fingerprinting done when I apply for a new state's license. This is the first time I used US Photo to get my fingerprinting done, and I believe that I will be coming back here again before my next assignment! The gentleman who worked behind the counter told me that he'd been doing this for 23 years, and his experience showed because he had my card and all the accompanying paperwork done in under ten minutes! Pleasant and quick service, and only one block west and one block south from the Monroe blue line stop was all I needed to know to know that I'll be using this place again!

Attentive, Friendly and Quick - LMGM - Jun 10, 2008
After mysteriously losing my own passport photos the night before a 9am appointment at the French Embassy, I found Mr. Shah's place on Google and noted both his very high reviews and (more importantly) early opening time. I was there at 8am when his store opened and he greeted me with a smile and quickly took my passport photo. He offered to make me a new photo free of charge if I didn't like it (I never like my ID pictures, so I didn't care much) and was careful to ask me exactly what kind of ID I was using these pictures for. Excellent service, I recommend him to anyone in need of "official" photos.

The best deal and best service in Chicago - sharon - Feb 28, 2008
I highly recommend Fingerprinting to anyone who needs fingerprints. Mr. Shah's prices are unbeatable, he knows what he is doing, and he's very friendly. He double checked my card to make sure I had filled it out correctly. I needed 3 sets of prints and they were done in minutes! There is no need to go anywhere else or even find anyone else to do this for you because this is the best deal and best service in Chicago. My company has tried several places and after finding this one, I send everyone here!

Thank you Mr. Shah! - lbernst - Feb 12, 2008
I got my finperprints done today. They were only $15! (Compared to $35 at some other places). The location at 210 S. Clark is easy to find and get to. I actually found parking on Clark Street- just 1 block down. The building is beautiful, and the service is unbeatable. Mr. Shah is a very smart man, and helped me with everything from doing my fingerprints to making sure they got in the mail for me! If anyone needs fingerprints, this is definitely the easiest place to get them done. Thank you Mr. Shah- you are a sweet man!

Fast, affordable and great service!... - joe - Mar 6, 2008
I had to get all sorts of pictures, fingerprints and notarized documents taken care of today and I couldn't have asked for a better place to get it all done in a matter of minutes. Not only that, the price was very fair (only a fraction of what other places around charge). If you ever need to get anything done for a visa or other type of legal document, this is the place to do it. Thanks a lot Mr. Shah, you were incredibly helpful and nice!

Great Finger printing, professional,... - KEVIN - May 31, 2008
I was searching online for a great place in the loop to get my fingerprints done for my new job training and I must say the gentlemen at this finger printing place was very pleasant and thorough. I was afraid that he would charge a lot to have finger prints done because its in the loop, and everything in the loop seems to be marked up because of the area, but surprisingly it was very affordable and it is a very professional place, and they do lots fingerprints for all the major firms downtown in financing, accounting, law, insurance agencies, and whatever else professional field that requires fingerprinting as a criteria for hire. I STRONGLY RECOMMEND THIS PLACE.

Professional Service, Fast, Affordable - illinoisnick - May 28, 2008
If Google had sent me here first, I would not have wasted time finding out that UPS does not offer passport photos at most locations. US Photo is in the Marquette building, closer to the Clark St. side, and it is run by a real professional. Not only did he get my photos taken well and quickly, but the price is unbeatable. I even needed to scan the photos, and he was perfectly happy to do that as well. All businesses should be run as well as this one.

Fingerprinting? More like Fingerpainting! - Matt - Feb 6, 2008
No matter what the scenario, when you need official fingerprinting or a passport photo, you are going through a boring and potentially painful process. Fortunately for me, I was instructed to get my fingerprints at Fingerprinting. I was greeted by a delightful Shah (the owner) and he proceeded to keep the smile on my face throughout the entire procedure. It was also very inexpensive, only $15! I hear the competition charges almost double that, and they definitely don't have a Shah. I had ink all over my hands and I was laughing hysterically. I felt like I was fingerpainting, not fingerprinting. If that Dunkin Donuts across the hall was instead a bar, I would have taken the man for a pint. If you need these services, you must go to Fingerprinting.

Great service and price - gje - Jan 18, 2008
This was extremely convenient -- fast service and the price is fantastic. Two other people arrived at the same time I did; somehow he managed to help all three of us (two fingerprints, one photos) simultaneously, without any wasted time. I highly recommend this place, especially with their central location -- you can be in and out of there in minutes.

Great service, great price - siobhan.henry - Apr 8, 2008
Mr. Shah was so friendly, thorough and knowledgeable!! He's been in business 30 years and knows his stuff. I went there based on the reviews here in google and promised I'd write a good review based on the excellent service I received. Got 4 sets of fingerprints done today. A+++

Great Service! - Joe - Apr 23, 2008
The gentleman working the store was so friendly and helpful. The cost of the photos was extremely cheap compared to a set I had gotten a week prior at another store for over twice the price! The photo quality was not as good as the digital print I got originally, but it certainly would suffice for a passport or visa photo, and the gentleman working the store offered to retake it if I did not like it. Very friendly, quick service. I would recommend this shop absolutely unless you are in need of a very high quality photo print. Also very close to the US passport agency.

Thank you Google - Sushma - Jun 6, 2008
I needed photos and fingerprints cards for canadian immigration. I went to fedex, UPS and a few more other places but could not get it done. I looked in google and found US Photo in chicago downtown. Their professional service is very good and its affordable. They are excellent at what they do. You say what you need the fingerprints or photos for and they know what exactly is needed. I got the fingerprints cards in about 10 mins and photos in about 5 mins. I strongly recommend this place.

Awesome, friendly and quick! - Grishanth - Apr 26, 2008
Mr.Shah is your one stop center for all your fingerprinting and passport photo needs - very quick and friendly service. I recently got my fingerprinting done as well as my passport photos, and he was very helpful in getting my photos done. We took a few, and the first batch of pics was not to my liking, Mr. Shah just replaced it without another word until it came out great! Seriously, the customer is king at US Photos!

Great service and price! - Nickname unavailable - Feb 18, 2008
The best place for fingerprinting downtown! The owner, Mr. Shah, is a really nice guy, he has the best rates in the city ($15 per card compared to $25), and he does a very thorough job. If I ever need prints again (or passport photos), I'll definitely be going to Mr. Shah's place.

Don't go anywhere else!- Chris - Feb 12, 2008
Mr. Shah runs the cheapest and easiest fingerprinting shop in Chicagoland. Not only did save me (and my company) over $80, or give me (my fiance) a free Valentine's Day gift, but he is one of the nicest and most genuine people I have come across in quite a while. Thank you, Mr. Shah!

Great place to be fingerprinted - scarbego - Mar 4, 2008
This is a great location to be fingerprinted. It is located right in the middle of downtown, close to everything. The price is right, the best in the city. In addition, the staff knows alot about the fingerprinting process. It should be on the top of the google list as far as I am concerned. Thanks to them, and good luck to all.

Fingerprinting Guru! - Edgar - Feb 12, 2008
This place was absolutely fantastic. Not only were the prices very inexpensive, but Mr. Shah was incredibly friendly and very knowledgeable. He had me laughing while I had my prints done. He also guaranteed that his prints would never be rejected. I will definitely recommend to all of my other friends. Thanks again.

Great customer service! - Nickname unavailable - Apr 4, 2008
The ridges on my fingers have worn down and it was difficult for me to get a clear print, but he made sure I had a good double set of fingerprints so there wouldn't be any issues. Thanks so much! I will be back for his notary services.

Quick, Easy and Perfect - Chris - Feb 17, 2008
Not only did Mr. Shah know the requirements of my state bar for fingerprinting, but he was also a perfectionist. On a cold Chicago day, apparently your fingers can get too cold to give a perfect print. Mr. Shah took the time to redo a number of my prints so as to get them absolutely right so his part of my Character and Fitness app wouldn't get it bounced back.

Great and Fast service and unbeatable... - Jasvinder - Feb 1, 2008
The one stop shop for Great, fast, lowest price for photo, notary, fingerprinting in chicago land area. I just could not believe that I got all three services done in 15 minutes. The staff and especially Mr Shah is Very friendly and helpful. I would recommend you all for this shop and enjoy the benefits.

Quick and Painless - Greg - Feb 22, 2008
I was able to get my fingerprinting done very quickly and effortlessly. The owner was very kind, and was very understanding. He instructed me on what to do, provided a place to wash and dry my hands, and knew how to fingerprint correctly and quickly. Afterwards, I was able to wash my hands again! The price for the quality can't be beat, I would say!


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